Both relays will offer a fantastic experience during the adventure to anyone who participates - endorphins that will last for weeks, memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.
The Palmetto Relay /200 is a unique, overnight running adventure in which you and 11 friends cover 200(ish) scenic miles from the Columbia area to just outside of Charleston.
The Palmetto Relay /70 is a unique one day running adventure in which you and five friends will cover 70(ish) scenic miles from the heart of the Francis Marion Forest and also ends with the Palmetto Relay /200.  This is a great way to get exposed to the overnight relay as you will be on the same course at the same time as those who are enjoying the Palmetto Relay /200.
The Palmetto Relay is great fun for everyone - you don't have to be an ultra runner to enjoy them.  Distances and training are similar to that of a half marathon.