Palmetto200 Course

The Palmetto200 Relay is a 200(ish)-mile relay race that begins just outside of Columbia, SC in Red Bank and finishes at Patriots Point just outside Charleston, SC.
The course travels through through the Santee State Park, Francis Marion Forest, Isle of Palms, Sullivan's Island, over the Ravenel Bridge into Charleston and then back out again to finally finish at Patriots Point.
We are using MapMyRun to display our leg maps.
Starting Location:
Red Bank Arena
1159 Nazareth Road
Lexington, SC 29073


*Below are the links to the 2017 course legs.  The following legs have changed from 2016:  4, 5, 14, 16, 24, 25, 28, 29, 33 and 36. 

*Note:  We are still finalizing a few permissions.  We do not expect any changes at this point, but it is possible that changes will occur.


Get the 2017 Palmetto200 Race Worksheet - Race Worksheet is a tool to help your team.  We do not need a copy of the worksheet.


12 Person Teams (Two Vans, six persons per Van)

 9 Person Teams (One Van, five persons, One Van, four persons)
 *Portions of the course are used under special use permit issued by the Francis Marion National Forest