Palmetto200 Course

The Palmetto200 Relay is a 200(ish)-mile relay race that begins just outside of Columbia, SC in Lexington and finishes just outside Charleston, SC.
The course travels through through the Santee State Park, Francis Marion Forest, Isle of Palms, and Sullivan's Island.
We are using RunGo to display our leg maps. 
Starting Location:
Red Bank Arena
1159 Nazareth Road
Lexington, SC 29073
Finish Location:
Laurel Hill County Park
1400 North Highway 41
Mt. Pleasant, SC  29466
Total Course Distance:  207.5 Miles

2018 Printable Leg Map Document

2018 Race Worksheet PageRace Worksheet is a tool to help your team.  We do not need a copy of the worksheet.


Leg #1: Red Bank Arena to Bethany Lutheran Church - 6.77 miles

Leg #2: Bethany Lutheran Church to Lexington Fire Station 12 - 10.51 miles

Leg #3: Lexington County Fire Station 12 to First Baptist Church of Gaston - 3.32 miles

Leg #4: First Baptist Church of Gaston to Trinity Baptist Tabernacle - 4.52 miles

Leg #5: Trinity Baptist Tabernacle to Mt. Zion United Method Church - 7.63 miles

Leg #6: Mt. Zion United Methodist Church to Congaree Baptist Church - 6.28 miles

Leg #7: Congaree Baptist Church to Word of Faith Christian Center - 8.56 miles

Leg #8: Word of Faith Christian Center to Cameron Pharmacy - 5.58 miles

Leg 9: Cameron Pharmacy to Resurrection Lutheran Church - 4.52 miles

Leg #10: Resurrection Lutheran Church to Jericho United Methodist Church - 3.86 miles

Leg #11: Jericho United Methodist Church to Dr. Robert Evans Holman Public Parking Lot - 6.63 miles

Leg #12: Dr. Robert Evans Holman Public Parking Lot to Santee State Park - 6.75 miles

Leg #13: Santee State Park to Lone Star BBQ - 3.53 miles

Leg #14: Lone Star BBQ to Lake Marion High School - 5.34 miles

Leg #15: Lake Marion High School to Greater Target AME Church - 8.85 miles

Leg #16: Greater Target AME Church to Briner Christian Church - 7.42 miles

Leg #17: Briner Christian Church to Galilee Christian Church - 2.45 miles

Leg #18: Galilee Christian Church to Greater St. Paul United Methodist Church - 9.68 miles

Leg #19: Greater St. Paul United Methodist Church to Black Creek Church - 3.77 miles

Leg #20: Black Creek Church to Hatchery Waterfowl Management - 9.73 miles

Leg #21: Hatchery Waterfowl Management to Berkeley Elementary School - 5.63 miles

Leg #22: Berkeley Elementary School to Berkeley Middle School - 3.67 miles

Leg #23: Berkeley Middle School to Wadboo Boat Landing - 3.86 miles

Leg #24: Wadboo Boat Landing to Witherbee Ranger Station - 7.72 miles

Leg #25: Witherbee Ranger Station to Huger Recreation Area - 2.43 miles

Leg #26: Huger Recreation Area to Huger Rural Fire Department - 3.78 miles

Leg #27: Huger Rural Fire Department to Bethel AME Church - 7.53 miles

Leg #28: Bethel AME Church to Sewee Outpost - 8.08 miles

Leg #29: Sewee Outpost to New Covenant Church - 4.59 miles

Leg #30: New Covenant Church to Laing Middle School - 3.65 miles

Leg #31: Laing Middle School to Sunrise Presbyterian Church - 8.34 miles

Leg #32: Sunrise Presbyterian Church to Fort Moultrie - 2.95 miles

Leg #33: Fort Moultrie to Mt. Pleasant Academy - 4.37 miles

Leg #34: Mt. Pleasant Academy to Mamie P. Whitesides Elementary School - 2.91 miles

Leg #35: Mamie P. Whitesides Elementary School to Laing Middle School - 4.69 miles

Leg #36: Laing Middle School to Laurel Hill County Park - 7.58 miles


 *Portions of the course are used under special use permit issued by the Francis Marion National Forest