Palmetto200 Race Worksheet

We have developed a race worksheet to help with assigning legs to team members.  It allows you to enter runner names and team pace and it will assign the runner to the leg and determine each member's start and end time, and total distance to run. 
Please let us know if you have any trouble using the worksheet or have any suggestions to make it more usable.
The format is an Excel spreadsheet.  Click the link to download.
To calculate your team pace we have two options for you to consider in your calculations.
Option 1: Use the race worksheet which will be more accurate, but will require more work to complete. 
  • There are instructions on the right hand top portion of the worksheet to help you enter your team information
Option 2: Sum up the 10K paces for each team member and divide that number by the total number of team members.  Once done add 10 - 20 secs / mile to that pace since you will not get much sleep on Friday night and by your third leg you will be a little tired and likely not hitting your normal 10K pace.