Relay 101

Certainly, some of you are reading this website and asking yourself what in the world are these people thinking putting on an unforgettable, overnight road-trip with 11 of my closest friends. You might be thinking, how am I am supposed to have fun in a scenario like that?
Well believe it or not, you will! First timers will find themselves scheming about next year before they start their second leg. Don't believe? Well, experience the Palmetto200 or Palmetto70 yourself and let your senses come alive. Whether you are a fierce competitor, a causal runner, or just a passionate spectator – there is a place for you in the Palmetto200 or Palmetto70. Still don’t believe, then check out our testimonials from runners like you in one.
Please take a few minutes to peruse our website and learn more about how you can build some memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Soak in the best of what South Carolina has to offer and enjoy the ride.